March 2012

It's official: Tom is a Nebelung!

When Tom (唐唐)was adopted from the animal shelter, his papers listed him as an "American Domestic Long Hair". As new cat parents, we were eager to find out his true breed. We searched and searched online, and identified him as a Chartreux, based on his fur color and personality. We knew that Chartreux is a short hair cat but Tom has long hair, but we thought Tom must not have been a pure breed. We always joked about Tom's purpoted French origin and attributed his love of bread and butter to his French ancestry.

Are you Han? My paternal ancestry - 12 Marker Results

As mentioned previously, I swabbed my cheeks and mailed my Y-DNA test specimen to FamilyTreeDNA a few months ago. Now the first part of the results, consists of twelve markers, are known. These are standard Y-STR results. Before showing the actual numbers, let me briefly explain.

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