August 2012

Pursue of the Perfect Solution for Cat Hair (1) --- Vacuum

If you have one or more long hair cats at home, like our Mayori and Tom, you probably share the same dream as us --- a house without cat hair, at least a house without having cat hair everywhere.

Towards this dream, we have tried out various products. Here is a list of the various vacuums we have used.

1. Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Upright Vacuum

High Resolution Image for Pdflatex

While preparing the camera-ready version for our CIKM demo, my colleagues and I found that the screenshot included in our paper appeared to be fairly blurry in the pdf version, even though the original .jpg file looks fine.

I searched online to try to find the solutions. After a few trials and errors, adding the following two lines into the beginning of the latex files (before \begin{document}) did the trick.


\divide\pdfpxdimen by 300

Screen Saver Option Disabled on Windows 7/XP

For unknown reason, my machines would suddenly disable their screen saver options (e.g. with the "on resume, display log on screen" check box grayed out). Whenever this happens, it would trigger the security alert and I will get a warning from the IT department to fix the issue.

I am tired of having to hunting down the answer every time and therefore I am recording it here.

The following method is what usually works for me.

1. Go to "Start" type in "regedit"

2. Go to

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Control Panel\Desktop]

Delete the "ScreenSaverIsSecure" value.

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