Tips for Traveling with a Baby in Japan - Diaper Bag for Air Travel

The list of items contained in our diaper bag for air travel, annotated with how essential each item was based on our experience as follows:

*** Must have

**   Nice to have

*     Not needed

For travel gear that may not fit in your diaper bag, please visit this page.

  • Portable changing pad (***)

This is definitely essential for both in the airports as well as on the airplane. We like our JJ Cole Collections Changing Clutch.

Tips for Traveling with a Baby in Japan - Travel Gears

We traveled with Boyan, our 13-month son last month to Japan (for those who are wondering, yep, he is the main reason why this blog has been so quiet in the past couple of years. :-)) and spent a unforgettable 10 days there. Before I went there, I searched over the web for tips, but they seemed to scattered around. I therefore decided to share our experience and hope it will be useful for others.

To make the information most useful, I will just list items we brought with us for the trip and comment on how essential each item was based on our experience denoted in the following way:

*** Must have

**   Nice to have

*     Not needed

1. Travel Gears

Data-Oriented Programming (DOP)

JSON is arguably the world's most popular human readable data format today.  It has largely replaced XML as the data exchange format on the Internet. One of the key reasons for the proliferation of JSON is its simplicity.  The data structure are very limited: only arrays, enclosed with []; and objects, enclosed with {}. That's it. It cannot be simpler.

Apparently, this dead simple data format is enough to represent the vast landscape of data that JSON becomes the de-facto data format for Web services. Most Web APIs we use today speaks JSON. However, JSON is not native for most programming languages. It becomes a pain to convert to and back from JSON in programming languages.

Switching to Spacemacs from Vim for Clojure/ClojureScript Development

Clojure has been my primary programming language for a couple of years now. During this period, I have relied on my trusty Vim text editor as the development environment. Coding Clojure in Vim had been an enjoyable experience with these excellent Vim plugins:

  1. vim-clojure-static
  2. fireplace.vim
  3. paredit.vim
  4. Rainbow Parentheses Improved
  5. vim-clojure-highlight
  6. vim-cljfmt

Juji Personality Profile for Mayor Stubbs

What makes Mayor Stubbs special?

Check out the personality (or shall I say, catality) profile for Mayor Stubbs constructed by Juji based on Mayor Stubbs' tweets.

Have you meet Mayor Stubbs? Does this sound like him?

What really makes me smile is the summary of the profile. Mayor Stubbs is "curious investigator". This is amazingly accurate: is there a cat that is not curious? I don't think so.



的变量啊”, variable for what? 后来明白了,原来就是一个地址可以存不同的东西啊


You don't need to *understand* mathematics, you just get used to it". 这种人



Museum and Cultural Tour of Bulgaria in 9 Days - Day 2 (Rila Monastery)

The second day of our trip began with a long drive from Sofia to Rila Monastery, the largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria.  It is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bulgaria we visited in our trip.

Museum and Cultural Tour of Bulgaria in 9 Days - Day 1 (More)

We were quite amazed by the National Archaeological Museum, especially the Thracian treasures. 

The museum is located in the largest and oldest former Ottoman Mosque in Sofia.

Thracian treasures. Can you believe that they were made before the Roman Empire?

Museum and Cultural Tour of Bulgaria in 9 Days - Day 1

(1) Sign of Sofia --- City of Lion.

(2) Statue of Goddess of Wisdom and God's Bride

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