Easy Tuna Birthday Cake for the Cats

I was looking for buying birthday cakes for the cats' birthday. Surprisingly, although it is very easy to find dog bakeries, there seems no existence of a single cat bakery. Luckily, a single Google search online brought up many birthday cake recipes for the cats. I picked one simple recipe with my cats' favorite food --- tuna.

So here is the tuna birthday cake for the cats, decorated with shrimp with catnip garnish.

tuna cake

It looks very nice, but most importantly, it was an instant hit. The cats jumped on to the dinning table as soon as I put the cakes on it.

cats checking out birthday cake

Mayori started with her favorite --- shrimp --- first.

mayori with shrimp

Tom enjoyed the cake itself too.

tom ate cake

Recipe (modified based on an online recipe I found, but I could not find the original link anymore):

1. Turn the oven on 350 degree

2. A can of tuna or salmon in water + 2 eggs + a little bit cheese + a little bit of flour

3. Mix all the ingredients and put into a muffin pan.

4. Bake for 15 minutes

5. Garnish with a cooked shrimp (the easiest way is to put one or two shrimp into a cup of water in a tea cup. Microwave for 1 -2 minutes).

Of course, I always pick something nice from this list as their birthday gift!



然后将tuna/salmon 罐头一个, 鸡蛋两个,少量cheese,少量面粉,搅拌好以后倒到

放烤箱内烤15分钟左右, 上面再放上煮好的虾一只就好了。


Anonymous's picture


ohh sweety! i try to make it for my Lola

Alea's picture


My cat Shaadow is turning 1 today and i can not wait to try the recepie

Anonymous's picture

Lulus first birthday

It's lulus first birthday and I was wondering if you can use anything else instead of tuna in the cake ?

Sem's picture

If I only wanted to make 1

If I only wanted to make 1 cake thing, can u give me the EXACT measurements for each item.
Sorry I'll like to go by the book

Yunyao's picture

Exact measurement for 1

Please try the following amount and let me know if you have further questions. Thanks.


Half can of tune / salmon in water

1 egg

1 tbsp Flour

1/2 tbsp cheese (adjust based on how much your cat likes cheese)


Anonymous's picture


It's my cat Ozzys 3rd birthday today and I made him these and he love it! Thank you

Yunyao's picture

Happy birthday, Ozzys!

So happy to know that we have one more happy birthday kitty. Smile

Hank's picture


These are super delicious for humans too!

MapleLeaf's picture


My kitten, Myah, loved it!It was also easy to make! ( since tomorrow is Myah's b-day, I made them and gave it to her early since she was so excited XD )thank you!!!^.^

Yunyao's picture

Happy birthday Mayh

So glad to know that my recipe made one more happy kitty. Happy birthday, Myah! :)

Mary's picture

hahaha i love it!!!!

ohh sweety! i try to make it for my Lola

Sharon's picture

Tuna birthday cake

In the easy tuna birthday cake for cats, is it plain flour or self raising flour used.
Thank you.

My baby girl Pebbles turns 1 tomorrow.

Yunyao's picture

Happy 1st birthday, Pebbles!

Dear Sharon,

It's so thoughtful of you to bake your baby girl her very first birthday cake. :)

I usually use all-purpose flour (a.k.a plain flour).

Hope this helps and happy birthday to Pebbles!



Charlotte Bowman's picture


its my cats first birthday is this ok to feed her FYI her name is cassie

Yunyao's picture

Happy birthday, Cassie!

Dear Charlotte,

Yes, the cake is suitable for adult cats of all ages. Happy 1st birthday, Cassie!


Cynthia's picture

My babies loved it! Thank you

My babies loved it! Thank you for sharing the recipe =^.^=

Boo's picture


How much flour do you use x

Yunyao's picture

Amount of flour

2 tbs flour to make a nice firm cake

Cheyenne Phillips's picture


Can you use can cat food instead

Yunyao's picture

The answer

I have never tried it myself, but my guess is that you can replace the tuna with other cat canned food. I would try canned cat food that is mostly meat, such as  Tom and Mayori's favoriate Weruva Paw Lickin' Chicken, for its favor and texture. 

Hope this helps! I may try your idea myself some day. :)

Jessica's picture

was sent this link just in time!

Today is my cat Vester's 13th birthday. My friend sent me the link this morning. I made him the tuna cheese cake snd he LOVED it! Thanks so much for sharing it!

Yunyao's picture

Happy birthday, Vester!

Thanks very much for trying out the recipe and stopping by to tell me. So glad to learn that Vester enjoyed the special treat made with love for his birthday! Smile

Vicki's picture

how many

How many kitty-cakes will this make? It's our kittens birthday soon and I would like to make a bunch to take to the rescue we got her from.


Yunyao's picture

The recipe makes 2 muffin size birthday cake

Hi, vicki,

That's such a great way to celebrate your kittens' birthday! --- It is so kind of you.

The recipe makes 2 muffin size birthday cakes. So you may need to multiple the recipe depending on how many cakes you want to make.

I am sure that the kitties in the rescue would enjoy it and hope they will find a permanent loving home like yours soon.

Best wishes,


Anonymous's picture


my kitty oliver turns three soon and I want him to enjoy his birthday, I am having a party and everything! I just have a few questions. if you put whole wheat flour will it make a difference? and does it matter what type of cheese you add?

Yunyao's picture

Happy birthday, Oliver!

Sorry for the late reply --- the spam software somehow misclassified your msg as spam. Frown

I am so exciting that you are throwing a party for Oliver. He is such a lucky kitty!

Hope it is not too late yet --- using whole wheat flour should be fine. For cheese, you may want to choose the type that is suitable for baking, such as mozzarella or cheddar.

Hope this helps and do share your party photos, if you can!

Anonymous's picture

Exact Measurements


My cat, Emerald, is turning two and me being the crazy person I am is making her a cat cake. I'm the exact type of girl so do you know the exact measurements for the flour and cheese. I don't wanna give her too much but I don't wanna give her too little.


Yunyao's picture

The measurement

Hi, Deja,

For flour, you can add 2 tbsp. The exact measurement for the cheese really depends on how much Emerald like cheese. If she loves it, then you can add 1 or even 2 tbsp. If not so much, you can reduce it to 1/2 tbsp or less.

Hope this helps and happy birthday to Emerald!

Harley's picture

Love this!!!

Thanks so much for posting this! I ended up making these for my kitten Goo and my 14 year old British shorthair Smokey and they both loved them! Thanks a ton!

Yunyao's picture


I am really happy to know that Goo and Smokey loved it! Do share the pictures here if you have them. :)

Anonymous's picture

Easter Kittie

Heya! Im about to make this for my cat Poppy as it is easter soon! Just a quick quesition, are you sure that eggs are safe? Thanks :)

Yunyao's picture

Yes, the eggs are safe!

Cooked eggs are definitely safe for cats. In fact, they are great food for cats and provide a lot of protein, vitamins and mineral.

Hope that you have already tried it for Poppy. If you not, try it out! :)

Lindsay Alexandra Sinclair's picture

everything in the cake is

everything in the cake is safe and healthy for kitty bellies? my cat turns one on friday and this looks amazing.

Yunyao's picture

Yes, the cake is safe and healthy for cats

Try it out and hope your cat will love it! :)

Jasmine's picture

Thanks A Million!

Hiya Yunyao,

Thanks a million for the recipe! My cat LOVED the results! We sat him on the couch and put the cake in front of him, before we knew it - He had eaten all of it! When we took it out of the oven, we saw him waiting deperatley outside haha it was sooooo funny! I also learnt how to bake a cupcake for the first time =) (I'm 11 lol) Anyways lots of thanks, Tommy had an anmazing birthday and we bought him lots of gifts! He says Mmmmm delicious as a reply! =D
Your cats are pretty =)
It was his 1st Birthday!

Thanks from,

Yunyao's picture

Happy birthday, Tommy!

Dear Jasmine,

Thank you for letting me know. I am really glad that Tommy loved his special birthday cake! 

Also congratulations for learning how to bake a cupcake for the first time! I am sure that Tommy really appreciate your kindness. :)

Best wishes,


emma's picture

thank you so much i am having

thank you so much i am having a birthday party for my cats and i was looking for a cheap recipie you are my angle lily and lucy will love it (they are my cats)

and lizzie

Yunyao's picture

Happy birthday, Lily and Lucy!

Hope you will enjoy your birthday party and love your special birthday cake!

Robin's picture

Baked this for my Milo's

Baked this for my Milo's first birthday and now baking again for both of my Christmas kitties! I gave them a taste of the tuna before I put it in, and they've been waiting in front of the oven this whole time. Thanks for the recipe!

Trixy's picture


I'm gonna bake this for Christmas!!! my babies will love it, thanks!!
PS: your furry monsters are beautiful! <3

katie's picture


this really heaped, its my cats sweet 16 today, and I'm baking them this!

Yunyao's picture

Happy sweet 16 to your cats!

Hi, Katie, Thanks for the kind words and happy sweet 16 to your cats! Hope they will like it. Smile

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