Tips for Traveling with a Baby in Japan - Diaper Bag for Air Travel

The list of items contained in our diaper bag for air travel, annotated with how essential each item was based on our experience as follows:

*** Must have

**   Nice to have

*     Not needed

For travel gear that may not fit in your diaper bag, please visit this page.

  • Portable changing pad (***)

This is definitely essential for both in the airports as well as on the airplane. We like our JJ Cole Collections Changing Clutch.

  • Diaper (***)

Double the amount you will usually need for the duration of the travel just to be on the safe side (e.g. in case of flight delay). We stuck in the Los Angels airport for an extra 4 hours on our way back and used up all the diapers that we thought we would not need.

  •  Baby wipe (**)

Small package of baby wipe is not essential as you will have access to napkin and paper towel as well as water but it is definitely handy for messy situations.

  •  Formula (***)

Liquid formula is most handy. For powder, we package it into small containers in advance for the ease of dispensation. Again, double the amount you will usually need for the duration of the travel just in case. 

  • Thermal food jar (**)

We put warm food in the jar for each long flights, as we were not sure what kind of food Delta would provide. It turned out to be a good thing to do that Delta does not provide any food at all for on-lap infants (at least for the main cabin). But it does take up some space.

  • Baby snack (***)

It will help to make your baby enjoy the trip more. Bring variety of snacks that your baby enjoys. Boyan likes puff, teething cookies and freeze dried fruit. We only bought enough for the trip from US to Japan, and bought additional supply in Japan for the return trip. 

  • Baby bottle (***)
  • Baby drinking cup  (***)
  • Water bottle (**)

We brought an empty water bottle with us and fill it after passing the security. This way we can have drinking water any time we want (e.g. for formula) without having to trouble the flight attendant.

  • Bib (***)

    We brought 2 regular bibs plus a small package of disposable ones.
  • Changing cloth for you and the baby (***)
At least 2 complete outfits for the baby and don't forget socks. We had to run up and down all the stores in terminal 5 and 6 of LAX to find baby size socks and as a result almost missed our flight to Japan.
  • Wet/Dry bag (*)
     For keep the dirty cloth. It is just something nice to have to keep things less messy.
  • Swaddle blanket (***)
      Must have for the baby to sleep more comfortably. We brought 2 of them.  


  • Baby books and toy (***)

New books and toys are must-have to keep the baby entertained on the road. What to bring really depends on the kid, but try to avoid anything making noise if you can. We got a collection of Baby Lit books ( for Boyan and he loves them.
Image result for

We also brought a few small empty cardboard and metal containers and put small toys inside. Boyan enjoyed opening up to find the treasures and then closing the boxes to hide them. They kept him entertained for at least 15 minutes each time. 


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