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显微镜下的数学 Mathematics under microscope (电子书下载)是本数学家写的

物(Mathematics is the study of mental objects with reproducible properties.
p.IX),而心理学是研究心理产物的产生过程的。如果对心理产物本身都不了解,如 Continue reading »

YouTube censors BBC's documentary in USA

BBC is broadcasting a documentary series titled "A year in Tibet". From the program description on BBC Web site, this documentary shows the real life today in Tibet. The first segment was shown on Mar. 6. Not surprisingly, there is a Youtube video of this first show. Surprisingly, if you attempt to access this video in US, Youtube says " Continue reading »

an interesting birthday gift

Huahai has received his birthday gift from Yunyao, a few days early.

What's inside?

Wow, a scenic flight certificate, what a lovely gift! Thank you, babe.

Create Multiple Modules Maven Project in Eclipse

Modularized software system design is often a good idea. Maven is the new software build system that is purported to be better than ant. For my new project, I want to create a maven build consisting of multiple modules. To do this, and let Eclipse treats these modules as parts of a single Eclipse project, I used the following procedure.

First create the top level maven project, which will be the container of the modules. Our top level maven project is called "cool".

Java time resolution

I am writing a Java program to run psychology experiments. Since this is a generic program that may be configured for running some reaction time (RT) experiments, I am worried about the time resolution of Java. It turns out that I don't need to worry too much, except on Windows. On Linux, one millisecond time resolution can be consistently achieved using either System.currentTimeMillis() or System.nanoTime() call. Continue reading »

Reference to Individual Email Message in Plain Text File

A lot of people implement GTD methodology entirely with Gmail. I don't feel comfortable doing that because gmail is not that secure. And I think depending on a network service is a bad idea for a GTD system. So I still download all my emails to my local computers. Continue reading »

A Simple GTD List Solution: Desktop, Web and Possibly Mobile

I have been searching for a lightweight list solution since I started trying out the Getting Things Done (GTD) approach a few days ago. Unlike calendar events, list items (projects and actions) do not associate with a particular time and date, therefore, using a calender for them is not appropriate. According to David Allen, for lists, we should "just go for simplicity, speed, and fun". Here I operationalize that into these properties:

  • Simple, but can still do these:
    • Handle lists for "project", "next-action", "waiting-for" and "maybe"*
    • Be able to tag an item with "context", and organize items by context
    • Support sub-list

Editing Web Textarea with Desktop Editor

Nowadays we do a lot of text input on the Web, like posting on forums, filling out a support request form, commenting on someone's blog, etc. Although Web forms often offer a variety of so-called rich text editing capabilities, nothing beats the good old desktop editors. For a vim person, a plain Web textarea simply is not the place for text editing. Fortunately, for Firefox users, this pain can be eased. There are a few Firefox addons that allow people to use external editors for editing textarea. Continue reading »

Firefox Hangs

Although Firefox is considered very safe and stable, it sometimes hangs. In the past, when it hung, my solution was to remove the whole ~/.mozilla/firefox directory. It worked every time (reinstalling Firefox doesn't help). Of course, I would always backup my bookmarks.html and other files under the chrome sub-directory first. Then I had to reinstall the add-ons when I got a working firefox. It turned out I shouldn't have taken such a drastic action. Continue reading »

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