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How to save millions per year for your newspaper?

Dear CEO of XXX News:
I am writing in regard to an automatic news article writer (NAW) that can  save your company millions of dolloar per year (see appendix below for peudo code). The basic idea of NAW is to be able to automatically generate news articles with comparable quality to news articles written by actual human reporters by your company.
As a proof of concept, I have conducted a comprehensive comparison study. The results show that on issues with regard to Olympic Torch Relay 2008,  the similarity of the automatically generated news articles and those manually written by human reporters is higher than 99%, making them undistinguishable by any of your valuable readers. With a click of a button, you can generate news articles using NAW at your wish anytime anywhere.

唐唐娇娇春游记 (Tom, Mayori Field Trip in a sunny spring day)






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Interesting Comments on The Election From MITBBS

So funny!


发信人: restarted (New Day), 信区: USANews
标 题: Re: obama说昨天hillary clinton赢是因为媒体帮忙
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A nice political commercial is for girls everywhere.


Girls need role models like Hilary Clinton, not fancy dressed Hollywood teenagers stars (not all of them are that bad; but you know what I mean).

Valentine's day with the cats

Another lonely Valentine's day for me. Fortunately, the cats are with me.




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Chrismas Vacation --- Mexico Riviera Cruise (Draft)

Place Holder for now.



Lunch with Junwen

Boarding at San Diego Port


First Dinner

Debarkation Celebration

Raffle at many places (of course we did not win any of them)


Men's golf tournament (27 vs. 25)

Table tennis

Hairy Chest Contest

First Formal Night


Choose Shore Excuirsion



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猫猫时装秀 (Pet Fashion Show)

主要模特: 娇娇小朋友
配角: 唐唐小朋友




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Interesting Comments on The Election From New York Times

I found that comments on the news for the election are often much more entertaining than the news acticles themslves. For the next few months, I will keep on updating this blog entry with comments that I found interesting, regardless whether I agree with the comments themselves or not.


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"Women Are Never Front-Runners" - From NY Times

With only basic cable subscription, I am so sick of all the political news by now. But I found this article very interesting.


Edit: Yet another confirmation on the topic 

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