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自从家里来了一位美猫JJ Cassandra之后 (暂时寄养的猫),

春心萌动的少男唐唐就变成了彻头彻脑的小"WSN"。 Continue reading »

2008 coming soon - Time to make another new year resolution

Year 2008 is less than 12 hours away for me. In fact, it is already 2008 in most part of the world. For many people, it is time to make their new year resolution. It is true for me as well. Continue reading »

How to load context of text files into DB2

The task is fairly simply --- I need to load the content of some text files into DB2. There are many ways to do so, but since I only need to this only once (hopefully), I want to find an easy way without writing any external code.

So here is the solution:

(1) create a table containing a CLOB (VARCHAR should work as well, if we know the maxium size of the files in advance) column. For example:


Annoying when moving Java program from Windows to Linux

These day I write Java programs on my local machine and then move them to a Linux server to run experiments. This routine works fine so far. However, when I ran one of the progams, which involves coping one file from one directory to another, I kept on the following error message:

Living Alarm Clock


Think about this --- I have two of them!

I love Waffle


Unlike most cats, Mayori's favorite food is not tuna or chicken. She loves waffle. She would jump up and down when I eat waffle until she gets a piece of it. Tom sometimes got slaped by Mayori because she thought he would rob her waffle. Tongue out

Earth Quake

At 8:03pm, the kittens were feed with their main course (dry food) and dessert (can food and egg). I just finished cooking my own dinner, put the serving tray with my dinner to the coffee table, and was about to enjoy my meal while chatting with Huahai on my cell. It just seem to be a normal weekday night for me these days. Before I took the first bite, however, I heard some huge noise and everything inside the apartment started shaking violently along the building itself. The kittens who were wondering around me startled and quickly ran away.
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