Tails & No Tales Cat Show

This is the first time we have even been to a cat show. We have enjoyed it a lot!

The show cats are all very tidy and cute. Too bad that spectaculors like me cannot touch or pet any of them. :(

But I still love my kitties adopted from shelter the most. :) Even though they could not come to the show (well, even if they were allowed to, I really doubt that they would enjoy it), they liked the peacock feather we bought for them very much.

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Seasonal Greetings from the Cats

Tom is waiting for Santa ...


Mayori want to be Santa's little helper ...

Thanksgiving Dinner

I have been waiting to try the Tofurkey for a few weeks ever since I saw the ad from Trader Joe about it. So I finally tried out on Thanksgiving.

This is what Tofurkey looks like out of the box. Then I cooked it in the oven. It tastes better than I expected, but a little too much for two people.


Wedding Gift from Huahai's Mom

Finally, after our trip to China this year, we got our wedding gifts from Huahai's parents --- a special Olympic umbrella. Tongue out

Winking Tom & Superman



Finding happiness: a cat's story

Long long time ago, there's a prince named Thomas. He's a handsome boy, but often sad, because he's parents passed away when he's very young.


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Kitty Singing a Birdy Song


How to save millions per year for your newspaper?

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到非洲撒哈拉沙漠以南辽阔的大草原(Safari)上旅行可能是很多人的梦想。在电视上大家可能看过这样的镜头:纯净高远的蓝天之下,水草丰美的草甸之上,大群大群的野生动物随意倘佯,与坐在越野车上的游客咫尺相邻,兴奋的游客们有的照相,有的惊呼指点,好不快活。不过,如果知道这些游客在上车前受到的警告,可能有人就不会觉得有这么快活了。 Continue reading »

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