Museum and Cultural Tour of Bulgaria in 9 Days - Day 1 (More)

We were quite amazed by the National Archaeological Museum, especially the Thracian treasures. 

The museum is located in the largest and oldest former Ottoman Mosque in Sofia.

Thracian treasures. Can you believe that they were made before the Roman Empire?

三藩Wipro首马报告 --- My First Marathon (San Francisco Wipro Marathon 06/17/2013)


望各位牛人。我们工作都比较忙,除了一周勉强能参加两三次group run之外,基本没

藩,在旅馆check in之后走路到Hyatt (本次比赛的host hotel)坐shuttle去expo拿bib
和sweat bag。等到回到旅馆已到了吃晚饭的时候。 我和LG继续carbon-loading,各吃
理好之后, 随便洗漱一番早早睡下 (我们本来报名的时候是Wave 4, 在Expo改到了Wave

Are you Han? My paternal ancestry - 12 Marker Results

As mentioned previously, I swabbed my cheeks and mailed my Y-DNA test specimen to FamilyTreeDNA a few months ago. Now the first part of the results, consists of twelve markers, are known. These are standard Y-STR results. Before showing the actual numbers, let me briefly explain.

Are you Han? My paternal ancestry - Hypothesis

I was brought up as a Han Chinese and I myself have never doubted that identity.  However, I do know that I look slightly different from people around me when I grew up. Darker skin, slightly curly hairs, deeper set eyes and other distinctive facial features. Put it simply, my face does not look like an average Han male face. However, nobody really said anything about my appearance except that my old brother occasionally joked about it (he looks like a normal Han Chinese by the way). After all, I look just like my father.

Thanksgiving Dinner

I have been waiting to try the Tofurkey for a few weeks ever since I saw the ad from Trader Joe about it. So I finally tried out on Thanksgiving.

This is what Tofurkey looks like out of the box. Then I cooked it in the oven. It tastes better than I expected, but a little too much for two people.


Wedding Gift from Huahai's Mom

Finally, after our trip to China this year, we got our wedding gifts from Huahai's parents --- a special Olympic umbrella. Tongue out

an interesting birthday gift

Huahai has received his birthday gift from Yunyao, a few days early.

What's inside?

Wow, a scenic flight certificate, what a lovely gift! Thank you, babe.

2008 coming soon - Time to make another new year resolution

Year 2008 is less than 12 hours away for me. In fact, it is already 2008 in most part of the world. For many people, it is time to make their new year resolution. It is true for me as well. Continue reading »

Earth Quake

At 8:03pm, the kittens were feed with their main course (dry food) and dessert (can food and egg). I just finished cooking my own dinner, put the serving tray with my dinner to the coffee table, and was about to enjoy my meal while chatting with Huahai on my cell. It just seem to be a normal weekday night for me these days. Before I took the first bite, however, I heard some huge noise and everything inside the apartment started shaking violently along the building itself. The kittens who were wondering around me startled and quickly ran away.
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