响应拜登副总统的“Buy a shotgun”的号召,我家买了一支泵动霰弹枪用于家防。这儿介绍一下这个枪的配置,配置的目标是让身材比较娇小的女性也可以比较容易地使用12GA的家防弹药。要不然,这个录像上的这些状况发生在Yunyao身上就不妙了。

My First Encounter with Dirty Diaper

Today I have encountered dirty diaper for the very first time in my life and it is not pretty.  While doing routine cleaning of our guest bathroom, I was shocked to discover a stack of dirty diaper deposited in the trash can in our guest bathroom.  I am still struggling on how to get rid of the terrible smell of the trash can after dumping the diapers.

Commonly Used Forms for Home Remodeling/Repairs

As a new home owner, we have been going through a lot of home remodeling and repair projects. I found myself often search online for the same set of forms again and again. This post is to record all the forms that I often use and sometimes difficult to found.

1. Simple contract (To be updated)

2. Payment forms (including those for both pregressive payments and final payments)

Baby Cloth Shoe - First Attempt

As a busy computer scientist, I don't really get to exercise my inner Martha too much. But I did somehow manage to make my first ever attempt on sewing projects --- baby cloth shoes (as gift for my niece).

Here is the result --- I added the handmade pompom for extra cuteness. :)

baby cloth shoe

baby cloth shoe

The detailed steps can be found from the following link

Resources to Get Rid of Lawn the Frugal Way (Phrase I)

We are getting rid of our front lawn --- to save water and money!

A landscape designer helped us did the design to convert our front yard from an old deteriorating classic English garden into a vibrant modern garden full of native plants.

Given our shoe-string budget, we plan to do most of the work ourselves. However, since both of us work full time, it will be a while before we can actually start the project, but being a person who loves to plan,  I have started collecting resources to do the project frugal way already!

Before and After --- Master Bathroom Remodeling

The old master bathroom is dark and ugly, with only one sink and w/o tub.

                 master bathroom (before) master bathroom (before)

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