3 Time-Saving Tools for Busy Professionals

As a busy professional, I am consistently looking for ways to save time. Below are 3 time-saving tools that I have found most useful.

1. Chore Buster

With two busy professionals in the same household, dividing chores around the house can be tricky. Dividing chores in a fixed way is one solution. But one can quickly get bored of doing the same thing everyday.

Reference to Individual Email Message in Plain Text File

A lot of people implement GTD methodology entirely with Gmail. I don't feel comfortable doing that because gmail is not that secure. And I think depending on a network service is a bad idea for a GTD system. So I still download all my emails to my local computers. Continue reading »

A Simple GTD List Solution: Desktop, Web and Possibly Mobile

I have been searching for a lightweight list solution since I started trying out the Getting Things Done (GTD) approach a few days ago. Unlike calendar events, list items (projects and actions) do not associate with a particular time and date, therefore, using a calender for them is not appropriate. According to David Allen, for lists, we should "just go for simplicity, speed, and fun". Here I operationalize that into these properties:

  • Simple, but can still do these:
    • Handle lists for "project", "next-action", "waiting-for" and "maybe"*
    • Be able to tag an item with "context", and organize items by context
    • Support sub-list
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