Develop clojure Web applications with vim

I recently started to learn clojure programming. It is an interesting experience. Ever since I learned computer programming almost 20 years ago, in Pascal, on a VAX minicomputer terminal, I have not experienced this newbie sensation with a computer language. The sense of excitement and novelty is high, and the eagerness to put the language to use is higher still. So for my new project at work, I am doing it with clojure.

This is a visual analytics project, and the visual part will be on the Web. It amazes me how much work has already been done for the Web using this 3 years old language. So it should be easy for me to get started. Here's what I have so far.

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A conversation about the job talks of new Ph.D. graduates in computer science

Yunyao and I work in a research center of a major technology company. At this time of a year, we attend job talks every week. These talks are technical presentations given by candidates for our research or development positions, as part of their two day job interviews here. Not surprisingly, the majority of the talks are given by newly graduated computer science PhDs who have published a lot of technical papers in premier computer science conferences. After a while, we kind of see some common deficiencies of these new graduates. Below is an instant messaging conversation we had right after attending a talk, which I hope would be helpful for some people.

YY: How do you like the talk?

HH: good slides

YY: yes, very well made

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[猴娘]  基督教中国化,会不会产生一个类似禅宗一样的新宗教呢?儒学和基督教的融合,存在什么样的困难?

[东沟]  ...儒家其实从鸦片战争之后就有所蚕食,五四以后开始被踹,文革时候彻底踹倒。然后改革开放的现代化把其经济基础彻底瓦解,连死灰复燃的机会都没了。一句话:我没有说文革十年毁掉中华文化,我说的是文革十年在中华文化的破房子上踹上最重也是最终的一脚。


[火柴]  你真逗,因为不能“三妻四妾趋义弃利三年守孝三从饿死事小失节事大”,所以儒家灭了。因为“满招损谦受益,学而时习之,己所不欲勿施于人”跟普世价值太像了,所以不能叫儒家得叫普适价值。感情叫不叫儒家不取决于自己,取决于别人.如果有一天查理提出个“朋友来了我真高兴”的狗皮膏价值来,我们就得把自个的信仰改成狗皮膏了

[东沟]  听你启发,我要修正以下,“满招损谦受益,学而时习之,己所不欲勿施于人,朋友来了我真高兴”,这些东西就是生活箴言,算不上信仰。 Continue reading »

读《概念空间》 - 0

Peter Gardenfors, Conceptual Space: The Geometry of Thought, MIT Press, 2004

我先写个总的印象,再逐章总结一下,这书共八章。 Continue reading »


《1434》是一个英国退役的潜艇舰长Gavin Menzies写的书,是他的《1421》的后续。《1421》主要是说是中国
人,具体的说,就是郑和舰队的一支,发现了美洲。自然,有很多人质疑。其中一个观点就是如果中国人发现了美洲,咋没到更近的欧洲?《1434》就主要讲郑和的舰队的一支,在最后一次出航的时候的确到了意大利,并且带去了技术引爆了文艺复兴。 这本书也花很大篇幅介绍了中国舰队使用的星相航行技术的细节,弥补了上一本书的一些缺陷。 Continue reading »

Thinkpad Hotkeys in KDE4

I have kept my Thinkpad X61 laptop up to date with Debian sid for a few years. The KDE4 in Debian sid is at version 4.4.5 at this moment, and I think it is mature enough for me to switch the laptop power management from my own hacked up solution to a KDE integrated one. My old solution still works for the most part, but there are some glitches after repeated supsend-resume cycles. As the system keeps evolving, I suspect more things would break. Continue reading »



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Config Spring and DWR on Jetty with zero XML

I hate xml configuation files. They look awful. As a result, they can be very time-consuming to write, and are very error-prone. There's no type-safty checking whatsoever. I would rather keep configurations within my Java source code. After all, we programmers are the only people looking at these configurations, why create trouble for ourselves? Luckily, with annotation support in Java, we can now completely do away with xml files for developing Web applications. Here is my recent experience integrating Spring framework with DWR on a Jetty sever.

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Is that a cat?

1. 用过晚饭后,唐唐又迫不及待的要麻麻带着到外面进行巡视领地的每日一游的活动。正当他迈着小步在sidewalk上走的时候,一辆SUV从住在我们这片小区里面开了过来。然后在不远处停了下来。接着车窗摇了下来,然后一位女子探出头来问到"Is that a cat?"当麻麻确认唐唐的猫身以后,便被唐唐又拖着继续巡视领地。只听见身后车里的几位不约而同的感叹到"Wow. Cat on a leash!" Continue reading »

Tails & No Tales Cat Show

This is the first time we have even been to a cat show. We have enjoyed it a lot!

The show cats are all very tidy and cute. Too bad that spectaculors like me cannot touch or pet any of them. :(

But I still love my kitties adopted from shelter the most. :) Even though they could not come to the show (well, even if they were allowed to, I really doubt that they would enjoy it), they liked the peacock feather we bought for them very much.

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