Suspending to RAM on Debian laptop

I am tracking Debian sid on my Thinkpad laptop, a few months ago it started to use pm-utils and broke suspending to RAM (sleep) functionality. Basically, the machine would go to sleep then immediately resume.
It turned out that this problem can be easily fixed by creating a file /etc/pm/config.d/local, and put in a line


The reason is that pm-utils by default does not unload Ethernet card module e1000, so the machine would be waken up by Ethernet card activities.


显微镜下的数学 Mathematics under microscope (电子书下载)是本数学家写的

物(Mathematics is the study of mental objects with reproducible properties.
p.IX),而心理学是研究心理产物的产生过程的。如果对心理产物本身都不了解,如 Continue reading »

唐唐娇娇春游记 (Tom, Mayori Field Trip in a sunny spring day)






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YouTube censors BBC's documentary in USA

BBC is broadcasting a documentary series titled "A year in Tibet". From the program description on BBC Web site, this documentary shows the real life today in Tibet. The first segment was shown on Mar. 6. Not surprisingly, there is a Youtube video of this first show. Surprisingly, if you attempt to access this video in US, Youtube says " Continue reading »

Interesting Comments on The Election From MITBBS

So funny!


发信人: restarted (New Day), 信区: USANews
标 题: Re: obama说昨天hillary clinton赢是因为媒体帮忙
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Wed Mar 5 21:30:17 2008), 转信 Continue reading »

an interesting birthday gift

Huahai has received his birthday gift from Yunyao, a few days early.

What's inside?

Wow, a scenic flight certificate, what a lovely gift! Thank you, babe.

A nice political commercial is for girls everywhere.


Girls need role models like Hilary Clinton, not fancy dressed Hollywood teenagers stars (not all of them are that bad; but you know what I mean).

Valentine's day with the cats

Another lonely Valentine's day for me. Fortunately, the cats are with me.




娇娇:哼,有什么好的。又不能吃,还有刺。不好玩。 Continue reading »

Create Multiple Modules Maven Project in Eclipse

Modularized software system design is often a good idea. Maven is the new software build system that is purported to be better than ant. For my new project, I want to create a maven build consisting of multiple modules. To do this, and let Eclipse treats these modules as parts of a single Eclipse project, I used the following procedure.

First create the top level maven project, which will be the container of the modules. Our top level maven project is called "cool".

Chrismas Vacation --- Mexico Riviera Cruise (Draft)

Place Holder for now.



Lunch with Junwen

Boarding at San Diego Port


First Dinner

Debarkation Celebration

Raffle at many places (of course we did not win any of them)


Men's golf tournament (27 vs. 25)

Table tennis

Hairy Chest Contest

First Formal Night


Choose Shore Excuirsion



Women's golf tournament (28 vs. 20) Continue reading »

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