Gift Buying Guide for Your Family and Friends in China

Posted on: Fri, 08/05/2011 - 07:30 By: yunyao

China is a fast-changing country. Not surprisingly, the list of popular gifts for Chinese family, relatives and friends keeps on changing as well.  When I return to China, I always do some extensive research to gather an updated shopping list of gifts to buy. Here is a summary based on various gift-giving guides and online forum postings for my recent trip to China.

1. Parents/Elderly Relatives

* Vitamin Supplements

* Wisconsin Ginseng

Health-related gifts have been always appreciated in China. Even though the same product may be available in China, items bought oversea are considered as of higher quality.

2. Women

* Skin Care/Cosmetics

Most Western brands sold in department store such as Clinique, Estee Lauder and Lancome are very much adored by Chinese women. However, if you happen to get any free gift with purchase, don't gift that alone. Many people know that you get it for free, so it would be very insulting if you just give the free gift as a gift.

* Jewelry

How to redeem British Airways mileages for partner airline flights

Posted on: Wed, 06/15/2011 - 06:35 By: yunyao

I have accumulated over 60,000 miles on British Airlines Executive Club reward account for a while now, but keep on having problem redeeming them. First of all, it is difficult to find any reward flight available; secondly, the fee is extremely high --- for a flight from SFO to LHR, I would have to pay 50000 miles + over \$600 fee, while the same flight costs less than \$1000 when paying with cash.

Over the weekend, I have investigated the problem and found out that one of the best ways to spend my BA miles is to redeem for British Airways' partner airline flights. However, it is not straightforward to do so, as BA would show its own flights with steep fee first, except when American Airlines and a couple of other partner airlines operate the same route.

Chrismas Vacation --- Mexico Riviera Cruise (Draft)

Posted on: Sun, 02/10/2008 - 03:42 By: yunyao

Place Holder for now.



Lunch with Junwen

Boarding at San Diego Port


First Dinner

Debarkation Celebration

Raffle at many places (of course we did not win any of them)


Men's golf tournament (27 vs. 25)

Table tennis

Hairy Chest Contest

First Formal Night


Choose Shore Excuirsion



Women's golf tournament (28 vs. 20)

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