Before and After --- Master Bathroom Remodeling

The old master bathroom is dark and ugly, with only one sink and w/o tub.

                 master bathroom (before) master bathroom (before)

We wanted a master bathroom that is modern and bright, and at the same time with a sense of Zen. We also wanted it to have two sink and separate shower and tub. Three months and a lot of work later, we have what we wanted and it totally worthies it since we are now enjoying it everyday. Smile

                 master bathroom (after) master bathroom (after)

I love everything about the new bathroom. But the top three on my lists are:

1. Shower panel with rain head --- it makes each shower much enjoyable that I really miss it every time I go travel even when I stay in 5-star hotels.

2. The recessed medical cabinets from Pottery Barn --- they are a little pricey but well-worth it, because they look nice and at the same time can hide all my stuff. They are the reason why the counter is always clutter-free.

3. Maax Free Standing Air Tub --- It makes every bath a really relaxing experience and super easy to clean and maintain (no harder than a usual soaking tub, no worry for mold).


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Hai, congrats, your above

Hai, congrats, your above information is really very useful, please share some other useful information.

thanks & regards

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Your bathroom looks

Your bathroom looks beautiful!! I too am planning to remodel my bathroom and i really liked your bathroom so i got an idea as to how should i renovate my bathroom.

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Hi, Claire,

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. I am glad that you like my new bathroom. I really love it. :) 

The total cost of materials is about 10K. (If you haven't already, check out Costco website. If you can find something you like there, then you can probably save a lot of money). I don't really know the exact cost of labor, as I was remodeling other part of the house at the same time. But I guess that if you are just doing simply replacement, it should not cost more than 10K.

Hope this helps and happy remodeling. :)

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Your new bathroom looks

Your new bathroom looks gorgeous - I too have a shower panel with a rain head, you cant explain to people how good they are unless you have experienced it haha. If you dont mind me asking what price range did you pay to refurbish it? I dont a exact looking at stripping out mine and would love to have one simlar to uses :)

Claire Jones.

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