Museum and Cultural Tour of Bulgaria in 9 Days - Day 1

(1) Sign of Sofia --- City of Lion.

(2) Statue of Goddess of Wisdom and God's Bride

(3) the Church of St Paraskeva

The church is located in the centre of the city. It is the third-largest church in Sofia. The construction of the church was complete by 1930, but the finishing works on the porticos did not cease until 1940.

(4)  Sofia Public Mineral Bath

Sofia has always been famous for its healing waters. Ever since B.C. people were taking benefits of the hot mineral springs here. This public bath was opened in 1913 and continued to work as public baths until 1986, when it was closed due to its bad condition and the possible collapse of the roof. It is currently under restoration.

It was a pity that we couldn't visit the inside of the Bath. However, we could still smell and taste its natural hot mineral spring.


(5)  Ruin of the East Gate of Serdica

Here you will walk on original Roman street, covered by large stone plates.

(6) Office of the President

Guards in front of the Largo, a complex of buildings including the office of the President and the Council of Ministers. These poor guys have to wear the uniform and stand in the sun for hours while everybody else wearing shorts.  :(

(7) The Church of St George

The Church of St George is a late Roman rotunda dated from 4th century situated in the courtyard of the Sheraton Sofia Hotel. It was constructed with red bricks and is considered the oldest building in Sofia. It is known for its Medieval frescoes in the central dome dating from 12-14th centuries. 
(5) Roma Bath

Wherever's Roman, there's bath.  They really know how to enjoy life.
(6)  National Archaeological Museum is located in the centre of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It occupies the building of the largest and oldest former Ottoman mosque in the city, Büyük camii, built around 1474. It is such an amazing place to visit that I will have a separate post on the treasures located here.  So stay tuned.
(7)The National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery is Bulgaria's national gallery,occupying most of the historic and imposing edifice of the former royal palace of Bulgaria.  Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to visit the inside.

(8) National Theater

(9)  Martenitsa

Martenitsa adorns the trees around for health and happiness.

(10)The Church of St Sophia

The early Byzantine Church of St Sophia was built in the 6th century on the place of an ancient Roman theatre and several earlier churches. During the Second Bulgarian Empire the structure served as the cathedral of the city but was later converted to a mosque by the Ottoman Empire.

(11)Russian Church (St. Nicholas the Miracle-Maker)

This is the so-called ‘the prettiest church in Sofia’. Its high dome, surrounded by four smaller domes, all made of gold harmonize perfectly with the roof of the church which is covered with green majolica tiles.

(11) St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

One of the largest orthodox churches worldwide。 It would have been really nice if the bell tower is open to public. 

(12) National Palace of Culture.

The biggest congress center in the Balkans. It is where I have attended a conference for a entire work. The inside is really like a maze. I got lost more than once during the conference. It is so big that it can even host mountain bike riding events!  I wouldn't have even thought about such a thing before our tour guide, who happened to be one of the top mountain biker rider in Bulgaraia, told us about the event last year.


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