We are a dual career married couple working in the information technology industry. We live in the California Bay Area. This site is about our lives, our thoughts, and everything going on about us. Hope you enjoy the time spent with us here. As you know, all human connections are real, even the "virtual" ones :-)

A lot of materials here are just our notes for solving some problems. Since it often takes a lot of time to find relevant information and adapt them to solve our problems, we keep a record here for later use. These notes might also be useful for people having similar problems. Wherever possible, we always link back to the original source of the solutions.

Yunyao's photo Yunyao is a computer scientist working in the Natural Language Processing field. Her work related information can be found on her professional homepage. She loves all the nice things in life, and likes to share information about all the interesting things she found. Her twitter is @yunyao_li
Huahai's photo Huahai is an entrepreneur. He co-founded Juji, a company building and selling an AI chabot platform. In his previous life, he had been a professor and a research scientist. He likes to dream about things big and small. He sometimes writes about controversial topics. His twitter is @huahaiy.