At 8:03pm, the kittens were feed with their main course (dry food) and dessert (can food and egg). I just finished cooking my own dinner, put the serving tray with my dinner to the coffee table, and was about to enjoy my meal while chatting with Huahai on my cell. It just seem to be a normal weekday night for me these days.

Before I took the first bite, however, I heard some huge noise and everything inside the apartment started shaking violently along the building itself. The kittens who were wondering around me startled and quickly ran away. Gone though a few earth quake before (once during a middle term exam), I immediately realized what has happened and told Huahai "We are having a earth quake here."

The first thing came to my mind is to grab the kittens and my purse, hide in the closet and then ran out once the shake stop. However, the kittens were nowhere to find. While it was still shaking, I ran up and down the apartment and was trying find them while trying to tell Huahai what were happening. This 30 seconds or so is perhaps the longest 30 seconds ever in my whole life ... Finally, After searching the bedroom, the closet and the bathroom, I found them under the sofa. It was still shaking, I grabbed Tom and quickly squeezed him into the carrier. Mayori (JiaoJiao), however, was obviously very scared and wouldn't came out. By the time I moved the sofa and got her out and squeezed into the carrier. The shaking stopped.

I turned on the TV, hoping that there would be broadcast on what has happened and what I should do. However, all the channels were just broadcasting the usual shows. Following Huahai's suggestion, I ran outside to see whether other people were running outside. Nobody was outside. Everything seemed to be back to normal again. So I decided to stay at home, watching TV and waiting for the news update while keeping the kittens in the carrier so that I could run out quickly if needed. In 10 minutes or so, KRON4 started to have news on the earth quake. Then I learned that it was 5.6 degree earth quake and after that much more information about what has happened earlier. It was not until 20 minutes later the kittens started to calm down and are willing eat their favorite treat.

Lesson learned: The first thing to do in the weekend--- preparing the emergency kits (one at garage and one at home):

Side story: This is the second time I am trying to writing "essentially" the same blog. Last time before I got the chance to hit the submit button, Tom jumped up to the keyboard and hit some magic key and oops .. what I was writing was gone.


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