I found that comments on the news for the election are often much more entertaining than the news acticles themslves. For the next few months, I will keep on updating this blog entry with comments that I found interesting, regardless whether I agree with the comments themselves or not.



The way the BIASED media goes about
openly promoting Obama is disgusting. The media is playing a covert
game with the democrats… and we are like fools falling for it. Almost
all news channels are owned by big corporations…. and they want a
Republican in the White House for their benefit. That’s the reason why
the Andrea Mitchells, the Chris Mattews’,the Scarboroughs, the
Hannitys, the John Kings and the Soledad O’Briens keep on gloating over
their darling Obama. When will the media realize that more than half
the country is fed up of their cunning, evil tactics. We Americans have
every right to have a fair media. Right now we are deprived of it and
we need to take action and stop buying products adverised during
prejudiced news reporters.

— Posted by amabo


Ladies and Gents,
Please, please, please. Grow up.
Politics is the art of divisiveness.
Don’t be so naive.
Uniter??? Give me a break. Remember who said that the last time, huh?
“I’m the uniter. I’ll end the politics of divisiveness”.
No, it’s not your beloved and naive Obama.
It’s GWB.
Look at where we are now?
Accept it and move on with your life.
Just let the process take care of itself.
Fool me once—shame on you fool me twice — shame on ME.

For Obama — Talk to me…Do not read me my bedtime stories from your teleprompter.
I’m not like your typical supporters out there, hungry for any bedtime stories.
Life doesn’t start with “once upon a time”. Neither it ends with “live happily ever after”.

— Posted by Anthony


Can we please focus on the economy?

Im tired of the Obama campaign saying that he didnt place the race
card. It is funny how his campaign didnt bring to “light” the Ferraro
comments until a shortly before the Mississippi primary… even though
the speech was given several days earlier. Now, who is playing the race

Can he please step aside already and let Hillary and McCain discuss the current issues?

Also, do note before you judge me, that I am a minority that understands that playing the victim wont get me anywhere.

— Posted by Talimee


The speech is a brilliant web of deceit that gullible journalists will eat up.

His pastor has frequently spewed hatred against whites, Jews, and
other Americans from the pulpit, repeatedly said “God Damn America,”
praised the anti-semite Farrakhan, and accused the government of
inventing the AIDS virus and selling drugs to inner-city youth.

But Obama avoids so much as mentioning that, and manages to
guilt-trip his audience, even while disparaging his doting grandmother,
who ensured that he was a spoiled and pampered adolescent, as a racist.

He really knows how to use the race card. If it’s true that there’s a sucker born every minute, he’ll be our next president.

Can you imagine Clinton or McCain surviving politically if their
spiritual mentor said such hateful things? I can’t. He’s a brilliant

— Posted by Hans Bader


What makes Sen. Obama uniquely
qualified to talk about race? Because mom was white, dad was black? My
cousin has the same genes but he’s not yet a moral leader. You have to
lead from the heart, not from your bloodlines. MLK was qualified. He
connected heart to heart. His dream was/is for all of us. He spoke in a
time of strife, a time when it took daring/faith from blacks/whites to
accept his message. MLK never asked us to follow him. Yet people of all
colors ended up marching alongside him. He was a man of substance,
conviction, compassion. Like his spiritual mentor, Ghandi, MLK never
confused himself with “the movement.” But Sen. Obama insists he’s
qualified to “unite” us. Eager to dazzle with words. His spiritual
mentor is Pastor Wright. What a long strange trip from Ghandi to Pastor
Wright. Apparently, there are many people eager to listen to/follow
Sen. Obama. Today’s show isn’t about race in America, it’s about Sen.
Obama. The words may be beautiful, even seductive. I’ve heard enough.
The “gradual” distancing from Pastor Wright (to see how much was really
needed in lieu of a clean break), “gradual” distancing from Tony Rezko
(waiting long enough to close on the mansion and as late as last
Friday, beginning to admit the Rezko contributions were a lot more than
originally stated) … “gradual,” steady charges of “racism” directed at
anyone who dares to challenge him. Enough.

— Posted by Mandelay


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