This is the first time we have even been to a cat show. We have enjoyed it a lot!

The show cats are all very tidy and cute. Too bad that spectaculors like me cannot touch or pet any of them. :(

But I still love my kitties adopted from shelter the most. :) Even though they could not come to the show (well, even if they were allowed to, I really doubt that they would enjoy it), they liked the peacock feather we bought for them very much.

Here are some photos taken today.

A cat looks like Yoda. 

Notice the curly fur.

Notice the tail

The cat loved the feather so much that he jumped out of the stage to get it.

Cas without fur is not my cup of tea, but she seems to be very sweet.

Want a hug ...

A beautiful red cat. 

Curly ears

A sleeping beauty

Pose for a picture

Relaxing during the break.


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