As a busy professional, I am consistently looking for ways to save time. Below are 3 time-saving tools that I have found most useful.

1. Chore Buster

With two busy professionals in the same household, dividing chores around the house can be tricky. Dividing chores in a fixed way is one solution. But one can quickly get bored of doing the same thing everyday.

With this neat free online tool, we get automatic daily chore assignment based on a pre-defined list of house chores and preference of chores for each person. It is really fun to check off the items at the end of the day. Besides ensure fairness of the chore assignment, the tool also serves as a reminder for chores that only happens once in a while.

2. Mint

As the CFO of the family, I do need to keep track of our financial situation. However, I don't really have much time to do so. Mint has been a great help in this regards.

3. Farm Fresh to You

Both Huahai and I enjoy cooking. However, weekly grocery shopping can be time-consuming. This service basically gets organic produce delivery directly to my home from a local organic farmers. It costs $31.5 a box for a week of organic vegetable and fruit.

We now only do grocery shopping every other weeks, saving both time and fuel. One thing that I like about the service is that I can exclude items so that I won't get anything that I don't like.

If you decide to try this service out, don't forget to mention promotion code 2798 and our customer number 236470 to get 20% off your first box.


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