The old cat tree of Mayori and Tom were bought nearly 4 years ago and has started to show its age. I have been shopping for a new cat tree for a while now. I need something that is nicer than the typical carpet covered cat tree and goes well with the rest of the house. At the same time, I want to get something that Mayori and Tom can really enjoy. Unfortunately, there is very limited number of such choices on the market. One of them is Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower


According to the online reviews, most of the cats and the cat owners like this product. So we brought one for the cats to try out.

Tom was very curious to check the package out when it arrived. He pointed out some minor damage on the package itself.

Lotus Cat TowerLotus Cat Tower

But he liked new cat tree already once we unpackaged it and immediately claimed one piece as his own.
Lotus Cat Tree.

Mayori seemed to be satisfied too and kept on inspecting the installation process.

Lotus Cat tree

And she claimed the top as soon as the installation was completed. (The installation took less than 2 hours and was not difficult according to Huahai.)

lotus cat tree

Tom claimed the cube at the bottom.

lotus cat tower

Comparing to the old cat tree, the new Refine Feline Lotus Cat Tower is obviously much nicer and looks more like a human furniture. It goes really well with the rest of our bedroom furniture. It is definitely worthy considering for one who is looking to find a cat furniture with great style.

Lotus Cat Tower


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