I was looking for buying birthday cakes for the cats' birthday. Surprisingly, although it is very easy to find dog bakeries, there seems no existence of a single cat bakery. Luckily, a single Google search online brought up many birthday cake recipes for the cats. I picked one simple recipe with my cats' favorite food --- tuna.

So here is the tuna birthday cake for the cats, decorated with shrimp with catnip garnish.

tuna cake

It looks very nice, but most importantly, it was an instant hit. The cats jumped on to the dinning table as soon as I put the cakes on it.

cats checking out birthday cake

Mayori started with her favorite --- shrimp --- first.

mayori with shrimp

Tom enjoyed the cake itself too.

tom ate cake

Recipe (modified based on an online recipe I found, but I could not find the original link anymore):

1. Turn the oven on 350 degree

2. A can of tuna or salmon in water + 2 eggs + a little bit cheese + a little bit of flour

3. Mix all the ingredients and put into a muffin pan.

4. Bake for 15 minutes

5. Garnish with a cooked shrimp (the easiest way is to put one or two shrimp into a cup of water in a tea cup. Microwave for 1 -2 minutes).

Of course, I always pick something nice from this list as their birthday gift!



然后将tuna/salmon 罐头一个, 鸡蛋两个,少量cheese,少量面粉,搅拌好以后倒到

放烤箱内烤15分钟左右, 上面再放上煮好的虾一只就好了。


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