Updated on 09/10/2013: It's now only 295 USD, with 100 USD discount!

As a cat and modern design lover, I am always looking for cat items pleasant for both the cats and my aesthetic standard. I had my eye on the canine scratcher for a while, but its over 1000 USD price tag made it out of reach. However, recently, I found that it now costs "only" 395 USD. I pulled the trigger w/o too much hestitation since I need to buy the cats a holiday present anyway. However, I was still a little nervious at the purchase, as it would be a huge bummer if the cats don't like it. But I really love the design and can totally see how it fit with the rest of the house w/o screaming "cat furniture".

It took over 3 weeks to receive the scratcher (somehow I didn't even get the confirmation email and it took an email from me to learn about the status of my order). But I was very pleased at the arrival. It was very well packaged and arrived without any damage. It is just the right size as a standalone decoration. Most importantly, the cats love it.

Tom loves the canine scratcher

Mayori loves the scratcher

After some fighting, it has now official become Mayori's favorite ride. Highly recommended!


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