Today I have encountered dirty diaper for the very first time in my life and it is not pretty.  While doing routine cleaning of our guest bathroom, I was shocked to discover a stack of dirty diaper deposited in the trash can in our guest bathroom.  I am still struggling on how to get rid of the terrible smell of the trash can after dumping the diapers. We do not have anyone in need of diaper in the house.

The only plausible explanation is that some guests attended our house party a few days ago left them behind.  I thought that all the books on how to raise kids include education on basic etiquettes when visiting other people's house. But obviously I was wrong!

Out of curiosity, I searched online to see what is the expected diaper etiquette and found one here. In summary, 

No one leaves dirty diapers in a guest bathroom.  

When visiting other people's house, one should "place the dirty diaper in a plastic bag (and twist-tie it shut), then place that bag inside your diaper bag, and ask your hosts where they would like you to dispose of it — presumably in a trash bin outdoors or an inside bin that’s emptied frequently. "  Had my guests know and follow this protocol, I would not have to deal with the smelly trash can problem in the guest bathroom!


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