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And, he published nothing in the Review over which he presided as President!
The law students on the Review all have the right to publish at least one piece
:(typically they publish at least their third-year papers, which they have to
write anyway), and many publish at least two pieces. It would seem surprising
if Obama published nothing at all in the very Review over which, he has so
often boasted, he presided as President.

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Obama’s vol. 104 is the least-cited volume of the Harvard Law Review in the
last 20 years

1. Obama’s volume 104 (1990-91) has been cited an average of 170 times a ye
ar. That is, it was cited 2045 times in the first 12 full years after public
ation (i.e., 1992 to 2003). It has been cited at the lowest rate of any volu
me published in the past 20 years.

2. By comparison, for all other volumes published during the past twenty yea
rs for which at least a year’s worth of data is available (vols. 101 to 103
, and vols. 105 to 118), they have been cited an average of 262 times a year
— a rate 54% higher than the citation rate for Obama’s volume.

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