an interesting birthday gift


Huahai has received his birthday gift from Yunyao, a few days early.

What's inside?

Wow, a scenic flight certificate, what a lovely gift! Thank you, babe.

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Chrismas Vacation --- Mexico Riviera Cruise (Draft)

Place Holder for now.



Lunch with Junwen

Boarding at San Diego Port


First Dinner

Debarkation Celebration

Raffle at many places (of course we did not win any of them)


Men's golf tournament (27 vs. 25)

Table tennis

Hairy Chest Contest

First Formal …

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I love Waffle

Unlike most cats, Mayori's favorite food is not tuna or chicken. She loves waffle. She would jump up and down when I eat waffle until she gets a piece of it. Tom sometimes got slaped by Mayori because she thought he would rob her waffle. 😛

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Earth Quake

At 8:03pm, the kittens were feed with their main course (dry food) and dessert (can food and egg). I just finished cooking my own dinner, put the serving tray with my dinner to the coffee table, and was about to enjoy my meal while chatting with Huahai on my …

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