Thinkpad Hotkeys in KDE4

Posted on: Wed, 12/01/2010 - 22:00 By: Huahai

I have kept my Thinkpad X61 laptop up to date with Debian sid for a few years. The KDE4 in Debian sid is at version 4.4.5 at this moment, and I think it is mature enough for me to switch the laptop power management from my own hacked up solution to a KDE integrated one. My old solution still works for the most part, but there are some glitches after repeated supsend-resume cycles. As the system keeps evolving, I suspect more things would break.

Config Spring and DWR on Jetty with zero XML

Posted on: Sun, 08/09/2009 - 11:51 By: Huahai

I hate xml configuation files. They look awful. As a result, they can be very time-consuming to write, and are very error-prone. There's no type-safty checking whatsoever. I would rather keep configurations within my Java source code. After all, we programmers are the only people looking at these configurations, why create trouble for ourselves? Luckily, with annotation support in Java, we can now completely do away with xml files for developing Web applications. Here is my recent experience integrating Spring framework with DWR on a Jetty sever.


Is that a cat?

Posted on: Sat, 08/08/2009 - 05:39 By: yunyao

1. 用过晚饭后,唐唐又迫不及待的要麻麻带着到外面进行巡视领地的每日一游的活动。正当他迈着小步在sidewalk上走的时候,一辆SUV从住在我们这片小区里面开了过来。然后在不远处停了下来。接着车窗摇了下来,然后一位女子探出头来问到"Is that a cat?"当麻麻确认唐唐的猫身以后,便被唐唐又拖着继续巡视领地。只听见身后车里的几位不约而同的感叹到"Wow. Cat on a leash!"

Tails & No Tales Cat Show

Posted on: Sun, 01/04/2009 - 07:37 By: yunyao

This is the first time we have even been to a cat show. We have enjoyed it a lot!

The show cats are all very tidy and cute. Too bad that spectaculors like me cannot touch or pet any of them. :(

But I still love my kitties adopted from shelter the most. :) Even though they could not come to the show (well, even if they were allowed to, I really doubt that they would enjoy it), they liked the peacock feather we bought for them very much.

Here are some photos taken today.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted on: Sat, 12/06/2008 - 18:02 By: yunyao

I have been waiting to try the Tofurkey for a few weeks ever since I saw the ad from Trader Joe about it. So I finally tried out on Thanksgiving.

This is what Tofurkey looks like out of the box. Then I cooked it in the oven. It tastes better than I expected, but a little too much for two people.


Wedding Gift from Huahai's Mom

Posted on: Fri, 11/14/2008 - 03:57 By: yunyao

Finally, after our trip to China this year, we got our wedding gifts from Huahai's parents --- a special Olympic umbrella. Tongue out

Finding happiness: a cat's story

Posted on: Fri, 06/06/2008 - 21:56 By: yunyao

Long long time ago, there's a prince named Thomas. He's a handsome boy, but often sad, because he's parents passed away when he's very young.


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